HUS 211 Interpersonal skill in human services

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Final Project: Comprehensive Customer Service Portfolio Objective: To synthesize the knowledge of all the learning objectives in order to propose a comprehensive customer service. Description: Choose a hypothetical or real scenario of a client (ensuring confidentiality). In a ten to twelve page, Create a comprehensive portfolio that includes:
A detailed customer background and needs assessment.
A transcript of an active listening session, showing techniques.
A collaborative care plan that involves at least three different services or agencies.
A defense proposal that addresses a major challenge facing the client.
A reflection on the experience, discussing what you learned and how you might approach such scenarios in the future.
double-spaced (excluding transcripts and appendices), APA format.
Power point presentation with a summary of the work of twelve slides
Comprehensive Customer Service Portfolio
Brief presentation of the selected case, and work in general
Detailed customer background and needs assessment
Introduce the client, their social history, their attitudes, background, and their current problem. It is important that they identify the challenges and needs here.
A Transcript of an Active Listening Session and Interviewing Techniques
Use the first interview for this, short and specific interview
A Collaborative Care Plan
Plan that contains the problem and needs.
Identify the problem, goals, and the objectives of those goals
Involve at least three different services or agencies.
A Proposal for Defense
Where an important challenge facing the customer is addressed.
A reflection on the experience
Discussing what you learned and how you might approach such scenarios in the future.
Summary of the counseling plan carried out explaining the main points of the work.
References (1 page only)
Social History Form
Release of Information Form
Requirements: just enough

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