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Assignment #1
Assignment: Application of HR Concepts
Due: Week 4
The goal of this assignment is to determine your comprehension of HR topics covered in the class and their real-world applications..
The following Course Outcomes are applied in this assignment:
●Describe the practices of human resource management practices in different types of organizations.
●Examine labour regulations and labour law and understand how to apply the laws to human resource management practices.
For the assignment, below is a list of potential questions that you may be assigned. However, note that you will only be assigned one of these questions to answer for the assignment.
●Describe the role and importance of human resource management in an organization. Reflect on a personal or observed experience where HR played a critical role, and provide two recommendations to enhance its impact.
●Reflect on a situation where external environmental factors influenced HR decisions or strategies in an organization. Which factors were most influential, and what recommendations would you provide for HR to navigate such external pressures.
●Discuss the significance of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Employment Standards Legislation in guiding HR practices. Share an example from your experience or observation where compliance was upheld or violated, and suggest two corrective actions.
●Describe an instance, either personal or observed, where discrimination or harassment took place in a workplace. How does this relate to federal and provincial legislation? What two recommendations would you give to prevent such incidents in the future?
●Explain the principle of reasonable accommodation. Share an example where it was either effectively applied or needed, and provide two strategies for organizations to ensure they uphold this principle.
●Discuss a situation where a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or e-HR system was implemented or could have benefited an organization you are familiar with. What were the outcomes or potential advantages, and what two suggestions would you offer for effective HR tech implementation?
●Reflect on a job role you or someone you know has held. Were there any evident issues with the job design or clarity of responsibilities? Based on your understanding of job analysis and design, offer two recommendations for improvement.
●Elaborate on the importance of workflow analysis and job analysis in shaping roles within organizations. Share a situation where clear job descriptions and specifications influenced work outcomes, and propose two strategies for optimizing job design based on these analyses.
Your task will be to delve into this topic, connect it to a real-world scenario, and offer two pertinent recommendations. Your assignment must be a comprehensive response to the question assigned to you. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your submission meets the required standards:
Format and Style:
●Font and Spacing: Use Arial, 12-point font and ensure the content is double-spaced.
●Citations: It’s essential to give credit to your sources. Cite any external information using APA format.
●Length is 1000 words or less.
Content and Structure:
●Cover Page: Begin your assignment with a cover page, detailing your name, date, course name, and the specific question you’re answering.
●Introduction: Start with a brief introduction that outlines the topic and provides context. (100 words)
●Definition: Clearly define the main concepts or terms related to your question. (250 words)
●Personal Application: Relate the concept to your own experiences or observations. Describe any connections or insights you’ve made. (250 words)
●Recommendations: Based on your understanding and personal application, suggest improvements, strategies, or further actions. (250 words)
●Conclusion: Summarize your main points and reflect on the importance or implications of the topic. (100 words)
●Reference Page: Conclude your assignment with a reference page, listing all the sources you’ve cited in APA format.
The primary resource for this task is your eText. Personal experiences and materials from the course (mention the week and source) can also be used. Leveraging external resources isn’t recommended. To maintain academic integrity, your submissions will be checked for originality via Turnitin.

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