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Create a Meeting Agenda Assume that you are a seller for HubSpot. You’ve recently scheduled a meeting with Demetrius, the vice president at Zoom ( to discuss selling HubSpot’s software to Zoom. Your job is to prepare a short agenda for the meeting that could be sent to Demetrius beforehand. You are free to be creative in your agenda content, but make sure to follow the basic steps discussed in the chapter. If you do not know much about either company, then spend some time researching each. Practice Active Listening Ask a friend to spend 5 minutes telling you something important that happened to them during the week. While your friend talks, practice the active listening skills discussed in this chapter, including showing genuine interest and nonverbal listening skills like mirroring. After the conversation is over, briefly summarize the steps from the section Listening to Your Prospective Customer with your friend. Ask your friend how you did on the best practices from that section and get feedback on how you can improve. After performing this activity, write a summary detailing what you learned. How did the activity go? What feedback did you get? What will you do differently to be a better listener in the future?

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