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A primary competency for advocacy is communicating with legislators about the social problems and policies you want to change. This means you will need to be well versed in both the social problems that connect with you and the polices that exist to address them. You will also need to translate your knowledge of the problems and related policies into a clear, targeted proposal for change. Writing a proposal that functions as a focus of change is a significant part of being a social worker and policy advocate. The proposal is your opportunity to use your advocacy skills to change and improve the lives of others by influencing decision makers.
Throughout the course, you have already taken important steps to set your foundation for policy work so you can enact an informed and articulate approach to your advocacy for change—you identified a social problem, narrowed your focus, and, separately, considered how policies play a major role in the functions of social work agencies and organizations. For the Assignment this week, you will build on the foundation you already set, using your social problem to create an issue statement, and then analyze a state or local policy that currently works to address your selected social problem and resolve your issue statement. Additionally, you will use your policy analysis to write a proposal that will help you plan how you will advocate for changing the social problem or policy that you selected.

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