This lab report is very extensive it is using the information and data of 3 data experiments the introduction needs to use three accredited sources (ex;science.org) to link the information from the experiment to the report. Plus the abstract which needs to follow this rubric “The abstract is concise, clearly written and includes: 1) The purpose of the experiment, what were you trying to figure out 2) The method you used to perform the experiment 3) Your major results – these should be quantitative, for example: percent yield for a reaction that produces product or percent error for a measurement 4) Your high level conclusions.” The methods procedure which is “Steps taken during the lab are listed completely in an easy to follow paragraph form. The section is organized in a way that the reader understands the logical flow of the lab. Proper use of third person and past tense.” Then the methods-theory 1) Numbered representative equations are given for each type of calculation completed. 2) All variables in each representative are described and equations cited by number in description. 3) An explanation is given for what each equation is calculating. there is more iinformation that I will give when the assignment is accepted. Thank you. I will also check for chatgbt and plagiarism. SO DONT TRY IT.

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