Esl 2 please use the book blink- the power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm

writing question and need support to help me learn.

Create the following sentences required below and then put them together into your introduction paragraph.
A ] Creating the Hook
Create 4 different kinds of hooks about the subject of this introduction – remember that this time we are focusing on chapters 3,4,5:
Write an interesting statistic/fact about this subject that most people do not know – quote your source
Write a famous quote which may apply to this subject – put the quote in quotation marks (author of quote)
Write an important question that we might ask about the topic. [do not ask about intuitive thinking or thin slicing as the reader may not know what this is]
Write a bit of wisdom / old saying you know that is suggested by this subject. It can come from the USA or your country.
Look at your 4 hooks and decide which one you like the best and use that one in your paragraph 🙂
B ] Background information:
1. Write a sentence that explains your favorite hook and relate it to the book, using author name and book title.
2. Write a sentence that introduces who the author of the book is – profession, life experiences that are important. Again, if you use information from a source, you need to quote the source.
3. Write 3 sentences telling what the book is about. Define important terms like intuitive decision making or thin slicing in your own words. Focus on chapters 3,4,5.
4. Write 3 sentences explaining why the book is important and why someone should read it.
C ] Make a thesis statement to include the following:
Malcolm Gladwell’s text Blink addresses the effectiveness of intuitive decision making with which I agree or with which I disagree.
D] NOW: Put all those sentences together in paragraph form and write your introduction:
Requirements: 1 hours

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