DRAM-1310 Theater Appreciation

art project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

For this project, you are required to think like a set OR costume designer for The Lonely Impulse of Delight.
You get to decide.

This project will include:
1 Choosing whether you want to do a costume design or a set design for the play.
2 Finding the facts in the script needed for your design (Reading the script)
3 Answers to the questions each designer asks about the script (See below)
4 Incorporating what the director wants into your design (Watch Director’s Talk video)
5 Find and Show your image-based research based on the above three requirements (What inspires your design?)
6 Create your set or costume designs
7 You will need to present your research, answers to questions and designs in a PowerPoint presentation

The following checklist will tell you want you need to include in your design and presentation:

1 You will need to find answers to:
▪ What does the stage directions say about set?
▪ What theatrical space is the play taking place in? (Get from director)
▪ What entrances and exits are needed for the play?
▪ Where does the play take place?
▪ What is the location?
▪ What objects are on stage?
▪ What time period does the play take place in?
▪ What (if any) colors are mentioned?
▪ What further research do you have to do on the above questions?
2 Find Images that can help you get an idea about what you can design
3 Create a ground plan
4 Create a drawing of your set from the point of view of the audience
COSTUME DESIGNER: (Only have to choose 2 characters)
1 You will need to find answers to:
▪ What does the stage directions say about costumes?
▪ For each character: Age, economic class, occupation, time period, location, weather
▪ What is the play’s time period? (How does this effect what the clothes look like?)
▪ What colors are needed in clothes?
▪ What is the weather?
▪ What is the time of day?
▪ What does the costume say about this character?
2 Research and find images to help you get an idea about what you can design
3 Create a sketch or a board with the different clothing choices
4 Create a colored-in drawing of your design

▪ Students will demonstrate their ability to create, interpret and/or perform diverse genres of the visual and performing arts.
▪ Students will demonstrate personal accountability both in and out of the classroom.
▪ Recognize the actor’s and director’s vocabulary
▪ Apply Aristotle’s six parts of a play to an assigned play, charting and presenting the action, the conflict, the themes
▪ Classify the major tasks of the director, noting which are mostly artistic and which are managerial
▪ Examine the roles of the playwright, the designer, the actor and the director

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