(dis)Information Technology

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Write a paper with at least 350 words (include a word count at the top of your page) reflecting your thinking about the concept of (Mis)information Technology as introduced in the readings and as discussed in class.
Remember, your Reflection Paper should not simply be a summary of the information from the chapter we covered in class! To maximize your chance to earn full points for the assignment, you should focus on how the topic we discussed this week affected you.
Some options for how to approach the Reflection Paper:
(1) You can present an argument where you agree or disagree with part or all of the topic and explain why. What are the dangers associated with misinformation/disinformation? Where do the concepts of freedom of speech intersect with intentional misinformation? Should it be legal for people and organizations to spread false information, or should we be free to decide what is truth for ourselves? Should social media companies be allowed to censor information it deems to be false and spread for propaganda purposes? If so, who should be allowed to decide whether something is true or not? You can talk about this as well.
(2) You can reflect on how the topic has affected your life through telling a story about you, a member of your family, or a friend that experienced something relating to misinformation technology.
If you use or copy any ideas that are not your own to help support your writing, be sure to summarize that person’s ideas or put their exact words in quotation marks and use an APA in-text citation. On a second sheet at the end of your reflection paper, called “References,” add an APA reference for your source.
Requirements: 350-400

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