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We’ve previously discussed the 5 Horsemen and their impact on technology which influences our society. Improved technology can influence how we treat national security, but it can also effect personal privacy.
Read the article The major concerns around facial recognitionLinks to an external site. and watch the video Facial recognition: The future of marketing, security and your privacyLinks to an external site.
What are your thoughts on how facial recognition is planned to be used? What do you think are the pros and cons of implementing facial recognition into major cities and our daily lives? Do you think this technology will be able to outsmart criminals?
Please remember to reference the discussion post grading rubric.
Posts are sufficient in length (at least 150 words. Posts are written with full sentences,
proper grammar, and is respectful.
Posts add significantly to the discussions (e.g.
identifying important relationships, offering a fresh
perspective or critique of a point;
offers supporting evidence, and is NOT simply a
summary of assigned articles/videos).
Requirements: Posts are sufficient in length (at least 150 words

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