Discussion #2: Moving Away from Fossil Fuels

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TED is a forum for people to present novel ideas and propose solutions to problems in a short lecture format. In our Discussions, topics may be controversial. It is important in EVR 3011 that each of us has the space to discuss our perceptions in a respectful and collegial manner.
Throughout EVR 3011 we have been discussing impacts of human activities on the Earth system. In this TED presentation we are offered a set of perspectives on the effort needed to rapidly move from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy. In order to limit the effects of climate change resulting from carbon emissions, we must reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Since it is already 2023, time is of the essence.
This video is a curated series of excerpts from the TED Countdown talks joined by commentary. Although the tone is serious about the threat of climate change and the short time to reduce carbon emissions, overall, the message is that net zero by 2050 is doable, but it will require a great effort and coordination. To hear more of any particular talk, you can look up that individual’s full TED presentation.
Watch this TED Countdown video from 2023 (~35 minutes)
How Do We Get the World Off Fossil Fuels Quickly and Fairly?Links to an external site.
In this Discussion, each of you is required to post one at least 600 word substantive opinion or reflection on the information and opinions presented in this video.
Start your post with a one-paragraph overall summary of the set of talks. Was there a common theme that ran through all the talks? How did the speakers agree or disagree with each other?
In the remainder of your post, discuss two takeaway messages from individual speakers that you found significantly important. Why do you select these two messages? Do you agree or disagree with the speakers and give your reasons.
Finish the post with any additional thoughts you may have on this topic.
You have two choices on how to comment on other postings:
You may reply to two other students’ posts (100 words minimum each).
You may reply to one other student’s post and reply to one reply to your first post (100 words minimum each)
In your reply, select one or two points made by the poster and write a response to them based on your analyses. To view the grading rubric, click on the three dots at the top of the page.
Requirements: 650 words

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