Dear Tutors, Hi I would like to ask if anyone can help with…

Dear Tutors,
Hi I would like to ask if anyone can help with TAEDEL 402 Ass , about doing a Coaching Plan
Re: Opening A Sterile Kit with the Use of ANTT.
Learners Objectives- (the scope outline the extent of the coaching and any limitations or exclusions to what will be covered).
Learners Characteristics needs
Learners work practices and routines-(analyse the routine to determine their effectiveness in meeting establlish learning style)
Learners learning style
Describe what opportunities exist to integrate and monitor external learning activities with the work-based learning pathway or how can you ensure that a skill learned in training is practiced once the learner is back in thte workplace.
What techniques or processes to facilitate learning have you selected
What assessment strategies recommended
How will the session build the required skills and knowledge
Coaching Sequence Plan
Topic ,Content, Assessment Strategy

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