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cyber security writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Essay prompts are as follows: Choose an industry or sector where the application of one of the technologies below might be uncommon, in your opinion, and describe which existing problems will be solved as a result. Pick from these technologies:
c) Internet of Things.
Essay Guidelines
‣ The length of the essay should be a minimum of 1200 words (There is no maximum word limit).
‣ The essay should be original text and not published anywhere.
‣ The essay should include an introduction, main body, and conclusion.
Introduction – The introduction should give a general idea of what will be described further. There is no need to provide detailed information on the way the chosen technology works.

Main Body – The main body should be dedicated to defining the industry’s existing challenges first, then introducing solutions to the problems based on the chosen technology (Would be nice to describe at least 3 industry’s challenges and 3 applications of a chosen technology as a solution respectively).
‣ Challenges should be backed up by statistic and real facts, not just personal thoughts and experience. Examples of already existing applications would be appreciated.
‣ Giving links to credible sources, providing useful statistics in the form of graphs and tables is welcomed.
‣ The essay needs to be logically structured and can be broken down into sections. The length of the essay should be a minimum of 1200 words.
Conclusion – The conclusion on a chosen technology’s potential summarizes the main points of the essay and formulates the final thought or solution.
Requirements: 1200 words up

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