customization of a template

html / css discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

read the rubric below
Requirements: as long as need
IT 3603 | Project 2 Assignment |30 points
Objective: With teaching context (instructional content along with your teacher’s illustration) and the sample, create a basic CSS layout template from two other CSS templates for 30 points according to the following directions and rubric.
 and practice the last two templates, the” Top navigation, content, and footer” template (the bottom left) and “Sid navigation and content,” by changing codes, values, etc.
Create a template (a new CSS and HTML file) from two other templates. It must have all the template attributes (Top Navigation Bar, Side Navigation Bar, Content, and Footer).
Import meaningful text and images into the header, content, and footer.
Add another button to the top navigation bar and connect all the links to sites.
Top navigation and side navigation MUST have the same style (color match, font match, etc.)
Apply the design principles to the template.
Save the template in a folder called Project2 Assignment _ your name, zip, and post your work to the Bb
A= 30-27 | B= 27-24 | C= 23-20 | D= 19-16

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