critical evaluation of a tv show

psychology case study and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assignment Overview
watch the movie or television or review the wiki and other resources online and to critically evaluate the portrayal of the
disorder, in The Crowded Room by Akiva Goldsman, including whether the portrayal is respectful or stigmatizing. c\

Answer the following questions:
1. Write a very brief summary of the movie or television episode and give brief background
information on the character of interest (Danny Sullivan) – who are they,(only child suffering from childhood trauma from stepfather) what is their role in the movie/show,
2. Identify which mental disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is being portrayed by the character of interest.
3. Justify why you identified the mental disorder you did. Identify the symptoms (The Crowded Room is a story about Danny Sullivan and his multiple personalities, which may all be different identities within his own mind. Danny suffers from dissociative identity disorder due to the extreme childhood trauma he experienced, including sexual abuse from his stepfather) what did the
character do, say, think, or feel that made you decide on that disorder? Should be a few
4. In what ways does the show/movie accurately portray this disorder? (their is a main Identity, who is unaware of the rest of the identities, while the other identities are aware of the situation) In your answer, consider
the following factors: epidemiology (e.g., more common among women? Age of onset?),
cultural factors (e.g., DID vs. religious possession), comorbidities, and distress/impairment.
5. In what ways does the show/movie inaccurately portray this disorder? In your answer,
consider again the factors in question 4 above.
6. In your opinion, does this show/movie respectfully portray this disorder, or do you think it
might be stigmatizing? Justify your response in 1-2 sentences.
Format and Length
• 2 pages max – answer all the questions but be
• Bullet points are encouraged – this is not a formal paper.
• No more than 1 quote.
Requirements: thorough 2 pages

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