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nursing presentation and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

You were asked to create the initial steps of an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) project using your chosen topic from Week 3 and the articles your instructor approved in Week 4. After gathering your approved articles, you completed appraisals on a quantitative or qualitative review and systematic review in Week 6.
This week, you will be using your two approved sources to complete your EBP project poster.
Your poster should include:
Explanation of the nursing issue significance with three statements
Description of your position on the issue and three statements on how a nurse can impact this issue
Include only the two approved journal sources used in your Week 6 appraisals to support your position.
Explanation of the Nursing Issue & significance with three statements. Description of your position on the issue and how a nurse can impact this issue. No HIPAA violations, No spelling or grammar errors, APA style is adhered to for citations and references. All images cited in APA style.

Examples are given in the file section as well as the template of the final submission. The inital quesiton is also provided (PICOT question) as well as the articles that are supposed to be used are on the FINAL doc. These are the links……

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