Crafting a Sound and Film Writing

film multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

I’ve attached the requirements in files and there is the website to access the podcast.…
Requirements: 450 words | .doc file
Suggested sites for free sound clips for FTV project: • • • When you incorporate the sound clips, just provide a “clickable” link (with the URL) to the sound clip—don’t embed the sound clip into the document, which can be hard to open. For example, if you wanted to use this sound of a door opening and closing, you would paste into your project.
CO101: The World of Communication, Fall 2023 FTV – Project 2 For this project, you will take what you’ve learned about film and television and use that knowledge to craft a pitch for a new film or TV series based on one of the following podcasts, which you can access in the FTV material within the “Readings & Viewings” folder on Blackboard: ¥ Option 1: Snap Judgment podcast, “The Lion, the Lamb, and the Fox” ¥ Option 2: Snap Judgment podcast, “Into the Abyss” Your idea and writing must be your own. Do not copy ideas from your discussion section, peers, or real films or television shows or use any generative-AI tools. Plagiarized projects will fail and be reported as academic misconduct. Requirements for the pitch: – Your new film or TV series should be based on the details of the podcasts listed above. Do not pick a different podcast of your own or create a different story or different characters. – Required information, in this order with clear labels: 1. Identify which podcast you are adapting, whether you are pitching a film or TV series, and state your new film’s or TV series’ title (~5 words or fewer for the title) 2. A specific existing American TV broadcast network, basic or premium cable channel, or streaming platform that your film or TV series would best fit—with an explanation for why it would fit well there, including comparisons to other films or shows on the same network/cable channel/streaming platform. (~100 words) 3. A log line and “it’s like” sentence for your film or TV series (~25 words each) 4. More details on your film or TV series’ central story: (~200 words total) ▪ Primary setting(s): city and country ▪ Brief description of two main characters, such as age, gender, ethnic identity, key personality or style traits ▪ Main characters’ goals ▪ Key conflicts the main characters face ▪ What genre(s) the film or TV series could be identified with, for production and marketing purposes. Explain how your film or TV series fits the genre(s). 5. Two labeled images of specific locations that you would feature in the film or TV series, with a brief explanation of why you chose those locations (how they connect to the story and add visual interest). (~25 words for each location) 6. A description of your show’s soundscape design and what you want the sound to convey. For each of your locations above, describe sounds you would feature, such as nature sounds, sounds related to the plot, or sounds connected to the specific location. Do not use the score as part of your sound design. Please include sound files or links to sound clips you created or found online that illustrate the kinds of sounds described and clearly identify which location these clips are associated with. Check to make sure your sound clips work in the project itself. Note: We will share some helpful sites for sound clips (~100 words total, not including links) Assignment continues on the next page.
CO101: The World of Communication, Fall 2023 Other requirements for the project: ¥ Your header must include your name and your TA’s name and your discussion section letters (AC, BD, etc.). ¥ Must be 450-550 words in length (approximately 2 pages, not including the images), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with 1” margins. ¥ Use complete sentences, proper grammar, and logical paragraphing. You should organize the paragraphs into the six sections listed above. You may use personal pronouns, but do not use filler phrases like “I think,” “I believe,” etc. that make writing seem hesitant and unsure. ¥ Use only these formats: .doc, .doc, or .pdf; no GDocs or .pages. Due Date: Tuesday, November 7 (before midnight)—do not wait until midnight to submit it! Grading Balance 70% Film or TV series pitch: ¥ 15% Film or TV series title and intended TV network/channel/platform (specific choice, with explanation) ¥ 35% Log line/”it’s like” sentence/story details ¥ 10% Location images and explanations ¥ 10% Sound design ( 30% Grammar and style Things we will be checking under the grammar rubric for this project (unless otherwise noted): ¥ Sentence fragment (Frag.) ¥ Run-on sentence (Run-on) ¥ Comma splice (CS) ¥ Lack of subject/verb agreement (SV agree.) ¥ Incorrect verb tense (Tense) ¥ Typos (Typo) ¥ Nonsensical phrasing that makes you unable to understand the sentence (Unclear) ¥ Missing articles (Art.) ¥ Incorrect capitalization (Cap.) ¥ Incorrectly used semi-colons, colons, and apostrophes ¥ Missing punctuation at the end of a sentence ¥ Punctuation placed to the right of closing quotation marks ¥ The use of filler phrases like “I think” and “I believe” Things we will not be checking in this project: ¥ Contractions ¥ Oxford commas ¥ General personal pronoun use (I/me/my, you/yours, we/us, etc.)

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