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Case Incident
Employee Wellness
Payton has just started their first job out of college at the marketing company Meda. Although receiving offers from a few other companies, Payton was drawn to the company’s unique benefits. Meda has weekly afternoon yoga, onsite massages, free access to the gym, and even private nutritionist sessions. Meda seemed to really be prioritizing workplace wellness.
Unfortunately, Payton soon realized that there would be little time to take advantage of these benefits. The job had become so stressful that they had time for little else. After only a few months, Payton now knew what burnout felt like. Although the company offered sick days and bereavement leave, neither of these covered what Payton was experiencing. Many of Payton’s colleagues would also often complain about feeling stressed or burned out, yet none of them would take time off. Even if employees were using these so-called wellness benefits, Meda’s wellness program was clearly not contributing to employee wellness.
As a new employee, Payton did not feel like taking time off was an option when colleagues who had been there for years never missed a day. Payton also felt guilty complaining or expressing these stressful experiences to the manager. The company certainly had high expectations and a demanding workload. Still, it seemed as though employees were expected to accept this and not complain. After all, they could not expect these types of benefits without some cost.
Payton remembered how thrilling it was to accept the job offer and start working for a company that offered all of the benefits Meda provided. Now, though, Payton wondered why the company seemed to be spending money on perks that seemed nice on paper but were, in reality, frivolous. Meda seemed to be neglecting to provide basic resources to support the mental health of its employees. “Perhaps I am being too cynical,” Payton thought but then began to question whether Meda was more concerned with gaining a competitive advantage and improving its reputation than with the health and wellness of its employees.
18-13. Suppose Payton took advantage of Meda’s benefits. Do you believe this would result in feeling less stressed and improvements in well-being? Why or why not?
18-14. Across the world, nine out of ten organizations offer employees at least one type of wellness benefit. Do you believe that these benefits are what employees need to feel healthy and stay engaged at work? Explain.
18-15. What strategies or programs could Meda utilize to improve employee well-being?

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