Compare/contrast the punishment philosophies discussed in class…

Compare/contrast the punishment philosophies discussed in class lecture. Describe them in great detail, and provide your opinion regarding which of these philosophies you deem to be the most effective and why.

(2) Discuss in great detail the three different sentencing structures (mandatory, determinate, indeterminate), as articulated in class lecture. In particular, what is the central goal/focus of each strategy, and what are some of the correctional policies that have emanated from these structures? What are some of the consequences (according to empirical research) associated with each structure? Lastly, which structure do you find to be the most compelling and why?

(3) List and explain the various factors that influence the sentencing process.

(4) What do the authors of your text mean by the phrase “invisible punishments”. List and describe some of these punishments, paying particular attention to felon disenfranchisement.

(5) Compare and contrast specific and general deterrence. Be sure to describe how the three elements of deterrence operate within each type of deterrence. Which type of deterrence do you find to be the most effective, and why

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