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english discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Part One (Initial Post) due no later than Thursday, November 2 at 11:59pm
Part Two (Responses to at least three Classmates) due no later than Sunday, November 5 at 11:59pm
Part One As you write your initial post, please think about and respond to each of the three questions below and write in a way that encourages your reader to reflect and be motivated to engage with you in a discussion. Be thorough by supporting your assertions with evidence, including no fewer than three significant quotations from this week’s readings on nonverbal behavior to support your claims. Please do not include the questions in your initial post, just number your responses.
So, I’m going to change up the way I ask questions to see if this doesn’t help inspire more conversation between all of you…I’m going to write questions like I’m writing to an advice columnist and YOU are the columnist. Your initial post should consist of 1) the advice you would give to any two of the three prompts AND 2) a question of your own related to your own nonverbal behavior in whatever context you want (e.g., asking for a raise, responding to your mom after getting in trouble, asking someone out on a date, whatever). This is for a college course, ya’ll, so be sure that you’re using information from the module to support your personal opinions.
I am getting ready to give a presentation online for my Communication class and I’m really nervous about it. What can I do to be interesting and engaging for my audience? Are there any behaviors you think I should avoid?
I have a classmate at school who gets “into my bubble” a lot and I’m really uncomfortable about it. I don’t really want to talk about it, what can I do so they get the hint?
I’m really attracted to one of my coworkers, but I can’t tell what their feelings are about me. How can I tell if they’re attracted to me – what behaviors should I look for?
Part Two: Engage in a discussion with your classmates: Respond to both parts of your classmates’ initial post by Friday – what are your thoughts about at least one piece of advice they gave for one of the prompts, AND what advice do you have for them in response to their request for advice? Later in the week (some time Saturday or early Sunday), come back again and respond to anyone who provided advice for you.
Initial post has a 500 word minimum, (but you are encouraged to write more!),
Respond to no fewer than three of your classmates (150 word minimum per response). Strive to make this a discussion rather than just busywork where you post a comment to tick off a requirement. This means, provide thoughtful feedback – rather than “I totally agree with you,” consider taking it a step further by saying something like, “when I read your comment that…it really made me think about…” or even, “when you wrote…my immediate response was to disagree because… Can you tell me a little more about…?” Come back several times throughout the week as the conversation between you and your classmates unfold.
Refer to no fewer than three course concepts within your post.
Please do not include the prompts, your name, or a header, simply number your responses and write your response. The first sentence after the number should be the start of your response.
Please use the attached rubric by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner to help you earn the best possible grade.
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