Camistry means

chemistry test / quiz prep and need support to help me learn.

An explosive called gum cotton was the world’s first high explosive. Although it cannot be demonstrated in this talk, it is worth noting its importance. A mortar is a device used to propel fireworks into the sky, and in this case, ping pong balls are used as a substitute. The ping pong balls are placed in a cage with gun cotton and a fuse is used to ignite the gun cotton, causing the balls to fly out.
A balloon filled with hydrogen is much lighter than air and can cause a sensation among scientists. When ignited, it produces a loud noise. Mixing hydrogen and oxygen creates a more explosive mixture, resulting in a louder noise. Finally, flash powder is used to create a thunder and lightning effect.
In summary, this talk is about chemistry and its applications in various demonstrations. It aims to present chemistry in a simple and accessible manner for everyone to understand.

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