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business project and need support to help me learn.

This is group essay, but you just need take care my parts 2 pages,Less than 5% silimarity and AI。No cheating no copy,I will send it company interview document and cocompany ppt. My part is introduction about the company focus in the solsolution ways. That in 2 pages. I will use turn it in double checking. If I find you use it AI and copy. I will ask refund and give you bad view. At leaset more than 4 academic reference. Not including title page and Reference I need 2 pages content。
Your project proposal should include the following sections:
Brief introduction of your client’s business.
Project background and core problem: Explain the problem that your project will solve, when this issue started, its current state, and how your project will address the situation.
Strategic goals: Reiterate the strategic goals of your client and discuss how your proposal aligns with those goals?
Project approach: How the project will be planned, executed, and controlled successfully. Address the following:
Project resources and requirements: Items, materials, and resources available as well as needed for the project – both internal and external (could be outsourced) needs.
Project scope: Work that will be executed. Define the work items and work deliverables.
Project budget: Estimate the costs of all the resources that you’ll need for your project. The client is not spending any amount for our class projects, but it’s important that you estimate and discuss the budget.
Project timeline: The project timeline will provide an in-depth overview of the project from start to finish. This is the project timeline from start to finish for your proposed project that your client will pursue if they want to.
Financial statements: Your client may need to convince external investors and/or internal stakeholders, and therefore, it’s a good idea to use projected financial statements to demonstrate why your project is profitable. A pro forma (projected) profit and loss statement and a pro forma balance sheet would be preferred. However, if you do not have enough information from your client to make financial statements, please conduct industry research, and explain in a paragraph or two how your project will benefit your client financially.
Client benefit: How will your client benefit from the completion of your project?
Project success: How will you measure the success of the project?
Writing instructions
Your assignment will be graded based on the elements mentioned above in the assignment instructions as well as criteria such as the quality of your research and analyses; quality and feasibility of your proposal; readability, grammar, and punctuation; etc.
Use headings and sub-heads throughout the paper so that it’s easier for me to follow your points.
Please follow the APA guidelines for citing sources – both in-text citations as well as citations in the references section at the end of the proposal – as well as for formatting.
Use Times New Roman, 12-font, double-spaced.
Do not exceed 12 pages excluding the title page, references pages, and the appendix section. On the title page, please write the following: course title and section, title of the assignment, and group members’ names and IDs.
Requirements: 13 hour
DEFENSESTATIONYour all in one Cyber Security platform
Why focus on security ?According to IBM, it takes a company 197 days to discover thebreach, which is due to the lack of foundational focus, resulting inirregularity.Everyone is integrating AI in their solution, without thinkingof its implications. Security needs to be coherent accordinglyor it can cause huge damage to reputation loss.In 2022, the global average cost of a data breach reached $4.35M,while the number is more than double in US, averaging $9.44 million.
ProblemsManual time-consuming security tasksCyber security tools often operate in silos, one toolcan just solve one or two issues.Security is really expensive and resource intensive010203
Solution01Automating most of the securityand integrating AI to take it to thenext level 02A Single integrated platform for allthe cyber security needs of yourbusiness03Cost and simplicity
Value propositionMakes security easy: Even a beginner can handle security of yourbusiness through the platform with all the guidelines, savingresources and time.All in one security platform: saving you time and hassle.Affordable: Cost is thought upon in each and every step of heinfrastructure, so that saved money can be utilized in other areas ofthe business.Security posture that grows with you: Platform expands with youas your business grows from Day 1 to an enterprise level.
AutomatedPolicy servicePenetrationtesting serviceAuditserviceDefense Station platformAssetIntelligenceSypherVulnerabilitymanagementservice
Share Info on the GoSYPHERModular platform: Integrate within anything for ease of usePost-Quantum encryption: Encryption cannot be broken even byQuantum computers.Application agnostic: Share data through any medium -Slack/Teams/WhatsApp/Signal etc.Zero trust: Your data is fully protected, even we cannot see it.Free integrations: integrate in just a few minutes withOutlook/Chrome/Google Drive extension etc.Share any sensitive or confidential data with peace of mind.
Additional featuresRevoke, incase it goeswrongGeolocation restrictionClick countTime based accessAdditional security controls
AUTOMATED POLICYMANAGEMENTCyberSecurity polices in a few minsAutomatic creation and managementGet 40+ policies out of the boxAuto implementationTalk to your policies, instead of reading themResolve the gap in creating the security policiesand it’s implementationPipeline’sbroken
Advanced Graph visualizationAutomated framework with full visibilityASSET INTELLIGENCEGet your own security AI
Flexible pricing modelStartup packageMedium-EnterpriseFreemiumSypher: 1GB data share every monthSecurity Consultation every 4-6monthsReach out for flexible subscription modelPay-Per-UseSypherAsset IntelligencePolicy serviceSypher: Free sharing upto 1Gb/every monthPolicy serviceAsset IntelligenceVulnerability assessment reportContact for additional needs
TeamProvided security consultancy to many companies includingAWS, Deloitte, Nasdaq, Uber, Wealthsimple and manymore.Awarded with many hall of fames from Microsoft, Nokia,Facebook, Apple and more.Our Top PriorityCustomer satisfactionOur MotivationInnovation

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