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communications writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

See attached. APA 6 format. Answer all questions and follow instructions for each part.
Requirements: see instructions
Part 1 – Response must be at least 200 words or more.
What differences in the ideals of the older and younger generations may explain communication clashes between these groups in the workplace?
Part 2 – Response to each question must be 50 words or more.
Chapter 3 – Planning and Decision Making
1.  Explain how the time required for feedback and the costs of various communication channels influence channel choice considerations.
2.  How does perception and audience analysis affect the communication process? What factors about the audience should you consider? 
Chapter 4 – Preparing Written Messages
1.  What are active voice and passive voice?
2.  What value does knowing the readability level of a document serve? What two factors should be evaluated for possible revision in an effort to reduce the readability index of a report? 
Chapter 5 – Communicating Electronically
1.  Describe the commonsense guidelines that help ensure that you are not seen as a discourteous cellphone user.
2.  How does communication differ when emailing, instant messaging, and texting?

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