BUS 325 Week 2 Discussion – Cultures in Europe

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Please respond to the following:
Do you agree with the notion that ‘Cultures in Europe are becoming more similar’? Justify your response.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of cultures becoming more similar?
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Hello Professor and Peers,
Culture as a whole has been seen to diminish throughout many continents. In my opinion, cultures are becoming more similar, because of the difficulty of maintaining culture and this generations lack of care for their culture. For starters, many cultures involve nomadic lifestyles. In this day and age, it isn’t as easy to pick and move to a new location. Land may already be taken, and individuals must stay away from terrorist (if they are a threat) or avoid invading someone else’s land.
One of the main cultural aspects of European countries is their art and writing. They also have many beautiful creations through buildings and architecture. This generation is not continuing this as it should be. This is making it where the cultures seem to be infusing. Individuals are only keeping parts of their culture and living a more “American” lifestyle.
Similar cultures can be good by having allowing neighboring countries to avoid conflict. The more they have in common the less issues will arise. Aside from conflicts being reduced, I feel it’s good for people to remember where they came from and express their culture. If people want to stray away from it, that is their choice, but it hurts the people who want their culture to live and last. It is a way of showing respect and homage to your ancestors.

Requirements: 10 – 15 sentences no references needed

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