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english discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

OK kids, what do you think? That’s what I’ll be asking you every few weeks. Your job for this discussion, and for all the rest, is pretty open-ended and I’ll be doing this same assignment right along with you, since I never quit being a student of Art History. Please treat my postings as you would any other.
1. Select an image that represents the Ancient Greek art as defined in week 5-9 of this course. Select from the modules or from another source, so long as it’s an image you can respond to and is relevant to the topic. If your image is not in the modules always check with the professor first. Off topic posts confuse the discussion and will be DELETED. A few students always blow off the parameters, post any old thing, any old way, then get all bummed out when I delete the post or withhold credit.
Not sure? JUST ASK ME!! That’s what I’m here for.
2. After that I want you to do two things. Firstly, I want you to write a PERSONAL reflection about the image you selected, that is an essay which addresses some PERSONAL CONTENT the work has for you. Images in this course are not interior decoration, they mean something. Respond to that meaning with some meaning of your own. I want to know what YOU think, not some guy who writes for wikipedia, not Robbie the robot. In the context of this discussion, I don’t care what they think.
Secondly, I’d like to see you unite this personal idea with some aspect that you learned in class.
To be clear, essays that do not address these parameters will fair very badly in the point totals.
DO NOT write a high school book report about the image or the artist that throws together some sterile facts cribbed off the net. That isn’t what this discussion is about. This essay that is about you, your experiences and how that resonates something you discovered in this course.
Traditional testing tells me which facts about the course content you have have acquired, but discussions tell me how you are applying that knowledge. Both are vital, and weigh equally in your grade assessment. In fact, no student may pass this course without the ability to put thoughts into writing .
Unlike many professors, I LOVE writing that is simple, direct, and terse.
3. Post the image you selected along with your personal reflection essay of 200 – 500 words, in the discussion window. The word limit will be observed.
4. You aren’t done. Respond to at least two other student posts with thoughtful and considered responses that bring new ideas to the discussion. You may include other images to enhance your response. This is what makes the assignment into a discussion as opposed to a monolog. Responses are a big deal, worth half of your point total.
NOTE – A few students just upload some academic boiler plates, cribbed off of Wiki or Britannica, or someplace, and post them as a legitimate responses. They are not.
A good response is as personal as the posting one is responding to. The student must responding directly to a point, or to an idea, proposed by a fellow student, not just some broad generic topic, for a decent mark.
Any questions? Ask me! That’s my job.
100 points possible
Requirements: depend

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