Applying Sociological Thought- SOC101

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Choose a current event that, given the ideas you’ve learned in this class, you think might benefit from being looked at in sociological perspective. Prepare a report doing the following:
Apply at least one sociological theory to the event. In doing so, discuss how you think this theory would interpret the event. You can use any appropriate sociological theory of which you have knowledge, but you may want to choose from the broad theoretical perspectives you’ve encountered in this course:
Symbolic interactionism
Conflict theory
Role theory
Structural-strain theory
Labeling theory
Social constructionism
Dramaturgical theory
Apply at least one of the sociological concepts you have learned in your weekly lessons to the event. In doing so, discuss how you see this concept appearing in the event. Please choose from the following list:
Social structure
Power and authority (counts as one)
Social identity
Presentation of self/interaction ritual
Social change/social movements
Devote most of your attention here to detailing, in your own words, why and how you think the theory and the concept you have chosen apply to your event. Make it clear what the connections are between these sociological ideas and your real-world topic.
Your report may take one of the following forms:
PowerPoint/visual presentation.The presentation must be thorough and include enough information to discuss the topic and answer the assignment’s questions fully. Presentations should be no less than 15 slides in length. Use keywords and phrases on your slides. The slide count does not include the title or references slide.Additionally, you should write a total of 850 words in the Notes section of your PowerPoint. I do not count the words on your slides. The word count does not include the title or references slides.Written essay.Your essay should be 4 pages (~1,000-1,500 words) in length, formatted in Times New Roman with 12-point font, double spacing, and 1″ document margins. NOTE: At least four complete pages. Points will be deducted for short papers. For example, if you write only a 3-page paper, you will have written only 75% of the required length. The highest grade possible is a C. Yes, length is important, however, so is the quality of your paper. The page/word count does not include the title or reference pages.
Requirements: As long as required

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