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reply back to People often say that depression is more than one disease because it has many different signs and forms that can look, be caused by, and be treated in different ways. Some of the main reasons why depression is seen as a diverse illness are: Major Depressive Disorder: This is the most common type of sadness that most people know about. It includes feeling sad and lost all the time and losing interest in or pleasure from doing things. Major Depressive Disorder usually comes and goes, with clear times of depressed symptoms. Dysthymia: This is a long-term form of sadness that lasts at least two years. People with dysthymia have symptoms that are weaker but last longer, which can make it hard for them to do normal things. Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar depression is a special kind of depression that only happens in people with bipolar disorder. People who have bipolar disorder go through both depressed and manic or hypomanic episodes. During these episodes, the person’s mood is high, they have a lot of energy, and they act without thinking. Seasonal Affective Disorder: This is a type of sadness that comes and goes with the seasons, most often in

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