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Week 1 Learning Style Assignment Our textbook begins by highlighting the Reflective Learning Method, one technique behind the psychology of studying. This technique can help you read and learn the material in textbooks more effectively. It also helps you when taking tests! We all learn differently, though. It is very important to know how you learn best. If you use strategies that work best with your learning style, you will decrease the time you spend and increase the results! Assignment Directions: 1. Take the learning style self-assessment ( The direct link is 2. Review the results of your assessment using the explanation below. 3.In a Word Document, write at least 300 words in APA format (7th edition) describing the following: a. Results of the assessment b. How you learn best currently (before you knew the type of learner you were) c. How you will modify your study techniques to fit your learning style, now that you know it.

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