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Alenka is a visual learner and she understands information, particularly step-by-step processes and instructions, best when they are clearly set out with pictures or visual representations. Alenka has recently decided that she would like to join a knitting workshop, as she says she wants to make scarves for her family before winter. You consult with her when and where she would like to do this class and then find one option that would suit her needs. However, the facilitator of the workshop tells you that all attendees must have basic knitting skills before they attend. Alenka tells you that she has never done any knitting before, so you decide that will need to provide her with some basic information before she starts the workshop. 2E – Part 1 You find a set of step by step instructions for knitting a basic scarf on the internet and decide to provide Alenka with these so that she can become familiar with them before she starts the workshop. According to the information in her plan (above), how will Alenka best be able to understand this information?

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