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Collaborative care in the healthcare industry is an approach that involves not only medical professionals but also patients’ families and friends. It aims to create a mutually beneficial partnership among individuals served, families, and providers1. Here are some strategies that healthcare providers can adopt to foster a collaborative approach to patient care: Engage patients in self-management: Encourage patients to actively participate in their own care by involving them in the decision-making process and providing them with the necessary knowledge, confidence, and skills to manage their conditions2. Create collaborative care plans: Utilize electronic health record (EHR) tools to develop collaborative care plans that outline the goals, responsibilities, and strategies for managing a patient’s condition2. Promote person- and family-centered care: Emphasize the importance of person- and family-centered care, which involves the planning, delivery, and evaluation of clinical services in partnership with individuals served, families, and providers1. Encourage peer support: Recognize the value of peer involvement in patient care and provide opportunities for patients to connect with others who have similar experiences3. Implement patient and family engagement strategies: Develop policies and tools that promote patient and family engagement at the organizational level, such as establishing patient and family advisory councils4. By adopting these

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