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Beni has recently become a client at RHCSC. He and his parents have decided it would be best if he developed more of a social network by participating in some of the community activities that RHCSC runs. You attend a meeting with Beni, his parents and your supervisor, where you all discuss the best community participation options for him. After this discussion, Beni is enrolled in one community participation activity to begin with – an afternoon beginners art class for 18 – 22 year old with additional needs. Beni attends the class one afternoon a week. As the goals of Beni’s community participation are to gain more confidence, to make friends and to develop a social network, it is important that Beni is engaged and fully participating in these classes.The facilitator of the class is a teacher called Leandra. Below, explain what you would ask Leandra to find out about Beni’s level of engagement in the art class.

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