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critique this Shaw’s Pathway Model acts as a method of determining why people turn to terrorism and violent acts. Although well-written and convincing in some aspects, such as the narcissism stage in the framework, the method he follows is not holistic in that it has a limited scope. He focuses only on individual instances relating to the human psyche and familial/societal ties of terrorists while neglecting group ideologies as a whole. As a society, we are arguably becoming more individualized rather than following a previously ordained status quo. Shaw’s methodology is flawed in that it does not account for these group methodologies in that, upon joining a terrorist organization, one is not granted the same liberties as in civil society. Rights are stripped to a certain extent, which could create further frustrations these organizations seek to fight against (Victoroff, 2005), also leading to potential in-fighting in the group. On the other hand, there is a level of merit to Shaw’s argument. It provides a solid basis of ideology to build from and test. Rather than only providing a “cut-and-dry” response as to why people turn to violence, a staged model was implemented to explain numerous factors as well as examples

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