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The couple’s presenting problem is a lack of understanding and appreciation of one another’s differences in culture and family dynamics. Romulus and Skyler come from different cultural backgrounds, and have different perspectives on family gatherings. This lack of understanding has caused them to argue, resulting in tension and dissatisfaction in their marriage. Using the Integrative Problems Centered Metaframeworks Approach, the case conceptualization would focus on the underlying issues causing the couple’s arguments. The couple needs to develop a better understanding of each other’s perspective and learn to appreciate the differences in their family dynamics. In order to address this presenting problem, several interventions can be used. The first intervention is to have the couple discuss their family backgrounds, and how their families interact. This will help them understand each other’s perspectives and appreciate the differences in their family dynamics. This can be done through a structured dialogue, such as the “Family of Origin” exercise, where the couple discusses how their families interact and what values they held. The second intervention is to have the couple explore their expectations of family gatherings. This will help them identify and articulate the expectations they have of one another, and give them insight into

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