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Assessment 1 requires students to be allocated a period of time covered in the course and conduct research based around a case study within historical and cultural contexts. We will be required to conduct intensive research on dwellings as well as draw the spatial arrangements of it and describe its significance to society and its time. As this assessment is a research project, we will be required to use appropriate sources in our research and demonstrate our engagement with this course. Assessment 1 relates to the Course Learning Outcomes 1,2 and 3. This assessment requires students to recognise the political, social and cultural aspects of the case study dwelling and also describe its significance within historical and cultural contexts which relates to CLO 1. As assessment 1 is a research project, this relates to CLO 2 where students are required to apply principles of ‘scholarly enquiry in the form of an independent research task’. This is achieved throughout assessment 1 as it is an independent task where students are to research the case study dwelling and time period by using scholarly and academically sound sources.

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