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. If I were to approach Laura, I would begin by establishing trust and rapport with her. In order for her to feel comfortable talking about her struggles with alcohol and anxiety, I would want to create an atmosphere that is free of danger and criticism. I would investigate the reasons she drinks, how it affects her mood, and the problems she has faced as a result of her drinking in the past. In addition to this, I would be interested in learning more about her father’s passing and how it has influenced her. I believe it is important to determine her degree of preparedness to undergo therapy as well as her level of drive for making a change. I would also want to examine her for any potential health problems that may be brought on by her drinking or by the withdrawal from Xanax that she is experiencing. 2. If I were to diagnose Laura based on the material that has been presented to me, I would give her an Alcohol Use Disorder of Moderate severity as well as a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Because Laura has continued to drink despite the negative effects that it has had on her

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