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David Wechsler developed the verbal and nonverbal portions of the Wechsler Intelligence Test. This pairing is important for a variety of reasons. First, a person’s cognitive ability may be more thoroughly shown by including both auditory and nonverbal components. This is crucial since intelligence consists of several unique components, thus judging intelligence based on just one would not provide a whole picture. Second, language and culture may have an effect on verbal tests, which could lead to unfair evaluations. By adding non-verbal tests, the Wechsler Test becomes more fair across cultures and can be taken by a wider group of people. Also, the test can help find unique skills and flaws by looking at different areas of brain functioning. This knowledge is very helpful for fitting treatments and support to the brain traits of different people. Because it combines the outcomes of many subscales into a single, simple-to-understand measurement, the Wechsler Full-Scale IQ score is a composite score. Many things are aided by this total score, including the facilitation of communication and understanding. Single scores, for example, are easier to comprehend and discuss than multiple results from subscales. By condensing all the information into one number, it’s easier to compare

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