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Esmeralda, a woman you support, has worked closely with over the last few weeks to identify and find strategies for some barriers that have been preventing her from joining a lawn bowl club. Her barriers include lack of confidence in meeting new people and difficulties with transport to and from the bowls club. You have Esmeralda by introducing her to a few of the club members and researching volunteer drivers who can provide transport once a week to her activity. now it’s time to monitor the success of these strategies. You visit Esmeralda and ask her to tell you about the participation in the bowls club. She tells you that she has been going every Monday and that she no longer needs a volunteer driver, one of the other ladies has offered to pick her up in the morning and drop her home afterwards. As the strategies seem to have been highly successful you decide to simply include a note about Esmeralda’s positive outcomes in your monthly report and give the report to your supervisor. There is no need for your supervisor to have any further involvement as the strategies have been effective and the barriers removed. What issues Esmeralda

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