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Jill and Neil are both nurses working the same shift. Jill is responsible for patients in rooms 1-6 and Neil is responsible for patients in rooms 7-12. Over the course of their shift, both nurses routinely visit their patients’ rooms to take vitals and deliver medication. On one of his rounds, Neil attends to his patient in room 8. He reads the chart and notices Jill’s initials signaling that she had already checked on this patient. A bit confused, he continues on to his next patient. After another hour goes by, Neil returns to room 8 and again notices Jill’s initials on the chart. Neil thinks to himself, “What is she doing? I’ve got it covered. She’s checking my work. She must think I’m incompetent.” Neil decides to approach Jill and see what is going on. Out of the five approaches to dealing with conflict, which approach would you use and why?

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