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A regulatory offence (such as violations of environmental protection laws or unsafe employment conditions) may result in fines and even imprisonment for the person committing the regulatory offence. If a person commits a regulatory offence and is sent to prison, which of the following best describes the situation? Question 4 Answer a. A judge can never impose jail for a regulatory offence. b. Violations of environmental protection laws may result in fines and even a prison sentence for the person committing the regulatory offence but if the offender chooses to pay a fine then no jail time need be served. c. Only fishing offences are regulatory offences. d. The offender can pay a fine instead of going to jail even where the judge hearing the case imposed a penalty of jail. e. A regulatory offence is not a criminal offence but is sometimes called ‘quasi-criminal’ because the court process and the possible result of imprisonment are similar to the criminal process.

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