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– Name: Emily Rodriguez – Age: 34 – Gender: Female – Diagnosis: Emily was admitted two days ago with severe community-acquired pneumonia. She has received appropriate treatment, including antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and nebulization. Presenting Issue: Emily expresses a strong desire to leave the hospital against medical advice. She feels anxious and claustrophobic, mentioning that she would be more comfortable recovering at home. Background Information: Emily is a single mother of two young children. She works as a waitress and has limited sick leave. She is concerned about losing her job and financial stability due to the extended hospital stay. Emily has a history of anxiety but no prior history of leaving medical care prematurely. Medical Team’s Perspective: Emily’s pneumonia is severe, and there are concerns about her safety if she leaves the hospital prematurely. The medical team believes she requires at least three more days of inpatient care for effective treatment. Ethical Considerations: Balancing Emily’s autonomy with her safety is crucial. The medical team must respect her wishes while ensuring she fully understands the potential risks of leaving AMA What legal and ethical considerations should guide the medical team?

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