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Hypernatremia results from an excess loss of body fluids with lower than normal sodium concentration so that water is lost in excess of sodium. Select all true statements about the diagnosis and treatment of hypernatremia. Group of answer choices Diagnosis is made based on history and physical examination findings and a serum sodium level of <145 mEq/L. IV replacement if given too quickly may result in cerebral edema and neurological impairment. Causes of hypernatremia may relate to increased losses of fluid from the respiratory tract during high fever or excessive exercise, watery diarrhea, certain conditions (e.g., DI or SIADH), or during therapeutic HCO3 resuscitations. Treatment of hypernatremia involves correction of the underlying cause with either oral or IV fluid replacement. Manifestations of hypernatremia include thirst, increased body weight, increased urine output, hypothermia, and increased reflexes with agitation, seizures, and coma.

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