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The nurse is administering a tuberculin skin test for a patient and understands the hypersensitivity response associated with this test is described by which of the following statements? Select all that apply. A. The test causes a release of cytokines, which attract macrophages. B. Macrophages arrive to the site and release toxic mediators resulting in local tissue damage. C. Antigen-antibody complexes activate complement. D. Antigens invade tissues and bind to antibodies in circulation. E. An antigen-presenting cell encounters a cytotoxic T-cell.The nurse is caring for a patient experiencing an allergic reaction. What is the nurse’s understanding of this type of hypersensitivity reaction? A. It is a Type I hypersensitivity reaction, an IgM-mediated disorder. B. It is a Type II hypersensitivity reaction, an antibody-mediated disorder. C. It is a Type III reaction, a complement-mediated disorder. D. It is a Type I hypersensitivity reaction, an IgE-mediated disorder

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