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A 35 year old male patient weighing 180 lb is 5’8″ tall. His physician prescribes lamivudine as a component of his treatment plan and knows the medication must be adjusted based on renal function. Lab testing has revealed the patients serum creatinine is 2.7 mg/dL. You recall that creatinine clearance calculations for dosing should use adjusted body weight. What dose, in mg, should the patient receive for initial and maintenance dosing given the dosing nomogram below? Creatinine Clearance* Initial Dose Maintenance dose < 5 mL/min 50 mg 25 mg QD 5-14 mL/min 150 mg 50 mg QD 15-39 mL/min 150 mg 100 mg QD >40 mL/min 150 mg 150 mg QD

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