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The patient does not report a cough, wheezing, sputum production, or hemoptysis. Her appetite remain stable. The patient reports no significant weight gain in the last few months. The patient has used two pillows to sleep (orthopnea) but is not experiencing paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND). She does not complain of night sweats, fever, or chills. However, she does complain of transient lower extremity numbness. Also, she has been having intermittent multiple joint pain with morning stiffness. She has noticed frequent urination since starting Lasix, but denies a burning sensation with urination. Mrs. Jones denied any rash or easy bruising. She has been having intermittent headaches for years which have been diagnosed as migraines, for which she takes a triptan as needed. The patient has previously been diagnosed with Type II diabetes mellitus complicated with diabetic neuropathy and diabetic vasculopathy. Her diabetes mellitus has been treated with the current medications: metformin (1,000 mg twice a day) and glipizide (10 mg twice a day). She also has hypertension, which is well controlled with amlodipine (10 mg daily) and lisinopril (20 mg daily). She has hypercholesterolemia for which she takes atorvastatin (20 mg daily). In the past, this patient has had an appendectomy

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