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Choose the correct CPT, ICD 10 and modifier: PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Incarcerated incisional hernia. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Incarcerated incisional hernia. OPERATION PERFORMED: Repair of incarcerated incisional hernia with 4-cm fascial defect and placement of permanent mesh, as well as intermediate closure of wound. ANESTHESIA: General. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: The patient was taken to the operating room and placed in supine position on the procedure table. After induction of general anesthesia, the abdomen was clipped, prepped and draped in the usual surgical fashion. A midline incision was performed over the palpable hernia defect in the midupper abdomen. The incision was approximately 5 cm in length. Dissection was carried down through the skin and subcutaneous tissues with monopolar Bovie cautery. The hernia sac was encountered and traced down to the fascial defect. The fascial defect was cleared off adhesions to the sac and the sac was able to be reduced into the abdomen without difficulty. The edges of fascial defect were identified and found to be approximately 4 cm. Dissection into the preperitoneum was performed with gentle blunt dissection. An 8-cm Parietex ventral hernia patch was placed into the preperitoneum away from any direct contact with bowel. The mesh was made to lie flat

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