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Knowledge Activity: Introduction to Chart Deficiencies (Baccalaureate) Student instructions 1. If you have questions about this activity, please contact your instructor for assistance. 2. You will review the chart of Jacy Sky Redbird to complete this activity. Your instructor has provided you with a link to the Introduction to Chart Deficiencies (BS) activity. Click on 2: Launch EHR to review the patient chart and begin this activity. 3. Refer to the patient chart and any suggested resources to complete this activity. 4. Document your answers directly on this activity document as you complete the activity. When you are finished, you will save this activity document to your device and upload this activity document with your answers to your Learning Management System (LMS). Glossary Physician query: Written communication from a coder to a physician to request additional clarification regarding information that is present or missing from the documentation to improve the accuracy of coding. (Richards, 2015) The activity Perform a thorough review of Jacy Sky Redbird’s EHR, clicking on each tab and reading each note. Then, use the following information to assist in completing the form below after reviewing Jacy Sky Redbird’s chart. Identify which items are present or deficient in

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