400 word reflection

nutrition writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Write a concise 400 word reflection paper (+/- 40 words max) in APA format, providing a brief high-level summary of the survey key takeaways and specifically addressing the following core components—
Describe from an an evidence-based perspective what specific changes in health-related care (this could be clinically, educationally, professionally within certain industries/sectors, etc.), you believe could help to alleviate commonly identified sources of stress and why; AND
Explain how you, as a professional in the field of kinesiology/integrative wellness, feel you can specifically support the individuals you presently serve (patients, clients, students, employees, athletes, etc.) OR aspire to serve with regards to mitigating and managing stress (*note: depending on your professional aspirations and/or current professional work, this can be direct work with individuals, as well as work done at a program, community and/or policy level). Please note that your paper should include two ADDITIONAL scholarly sources to support your stance, with appropriate in-text citations and reference list following APA style guidelines
Requirements: 400 words

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