4-4 Draft of Training Manual Section Two: Firewall Configuration

Now it is time to create your training manual section on the configuration of custom firewall functions and rules to secure the inside network. Continue using the Training Manual Template document to develop the section on firewalls.
For each section of the training manual, develop guidelines for employees to select and employ specific software, tools, or methods to address the elements of the section topic. Your guidelines serve as recommendations of specific tools and criteria for determining when to use these tools.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Illustrate the process of rule creation and firewall configuration.
Explain the process and criteria for blocking, allowing, and filtering traffic.
Outline the steps for segmenting networks. Be sure to describe the benefits of the segmenting strategies.
Create guidelines for the implementation of methods for detecting attacks.
Requirements: 2-4 paragraphs
Manual Overview
You work for Strategic Security Consulting Group (SSCG). Recently, one of your clients in Los Angeles, North Star Software Developers (NSSD), called with a big problem. Some of its network servers were compromised, resulting in the possible loss of personal information and credit card numbers of purchasers of the company’s software products. It is not presently known whether this attack came from inside or outside of the company. NSSD is currently dealing with this problem as best as it can, but it needs your company to help prevent this from happening again in the future.
You have been assigned to create a training manual for NSSD’s IT personnel in which you test, describe, and recommend a variety of network security tools that, when used properly, will mitigate both the risk of future breaches and the effects of a breach when it takes place.
Manual Layout
There are seven sections of the manual that cover all the components of a training manual designed to teach employees how to lessen the risk of a security breach and mitigate the effects of a breach should one happen. As the training manager, you must complete each section using information you learned in this course. Refer to the background information on North Star Software Developers (NSSD) and apply the appropriate tools and methods that will help the company defend its network against attacks and detect intrusions, anomalies, and vulnerabilities. Apply best practices of network defense and countermeasures from your research and hands-on lab activities. The following are the main sections of the manual you are responsible for completing:
Introduction and Purpose
Traffic Analysis
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Vulnerability Assessment
Network Scanning and Assessment
Auditing and Log Collection
Summary of Tools
Delete this page before submitting your completed training manual.

Introduction and Purpose

Section One: Traffic Analysis
Section Two: Firewalls

Section Three: Intrusion Detection

Section Four: Vulnerability Assessment

Section Five: Network Assessment

Section Six: Auditing and Log Collection

Section Seven: Tools Used

Section Eight: References

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